Divorce as a Spiritual Journey

on Saturday, 13 October 2012. Posted in Spiritual

Choose Your Path

by: Bruce Smith

Divorce is filled with many choices but most do not see the two paths directly in front of them – the choice of humanity or divinity. “I want a divorce” instinctually, we react going down the path of humanity – a challenge to our ego, leverage to get the upper hand in a relationship.


Divorce is a painful, identity challenging event that turns your life upside down. But I also believe that divorce it is a challenge to walk the path of divinity, a journey in conscious evolution to become one with our pain, to choose an identity with the soul and through grace turn our life upside down. Let’s walk the parallel paths of humanity and divinity regarding pain, identity and life change.


The humanity of emotional pain is suffering. Divorce brings about the feelings of failure, fear of loss, low self-esteem and depression. Our ego is damaged and is fighting for control and survival. Without rising above or consoling our ego our path is to continue with our life stories of being unworthy, unloved and unwanted – a path of self-destructive stories.

The divinity of emotional pain to become conscious of our ego, or emotions and the stories we’ve created to form our reality. In the higher levels of consciousness, destruction is a blessing and enlightenment. As a blessing, with destruction comes creation. Divorce is a time of self-recreation, a time of renewal and connecting with our soul. As enlightenment, pain is darkness, and we must feel and experience this darkness in order to see and realize our light. By choosing to evolve our consciousness, choosing creation and realizing our light – we walk a path towards divinity.

Identity Challenge

The humanity of a challenge to our identity is the loss of control of our ego, what we once thought we were is challenged. We struggle to make sense of our life, trying to fit what is happening into the stories of our past – a path of fear and uncertainty.

The divinity of a challenge to our identity is an awakening, a higher level of awareness that our ego is only one part of us and our soul’s purpose the other. This path is a process of calming our ego, accepting that it is a part of us, but consciously choosing to connect with our soul. By choosing to evolve our consciousness, choosing to connect with our soul – we walk the path towards divinity.

Life Change

The humanity of a life turned upside down is a loss of control, of our material situation: Where am I going to live? Can I cope financially? What is my role as a mother or father? Who are my friends? We are overwhelmed with stress, uncertainty, sadness anger… We work to reclaim and redefine our sense of self with items, money ego and fear – a path of materialism and emotions that limit us.

The divinity of life change is a realization of all those things in which we attach our self as a way of self-definition. This path is one of increasing awareness that our soul is not attached to materialism, that true happiness is a selfless service to others and defining who we are by our soul’s purpose. By choosing to evolve our consciousness, choosing to serve others and fulfill the purpose of our soul – we walk the path of divinity.

Choose Your Path

“ Want a divorce” is a choice of two paths – humanity and divinity. Which will you walk? One of self-destructive stories, fear and uncertainty, materialism and emotions – a path down continued humanity? Or a path of creation and light, connecting with our soul, serving others and fulfilling our soul’s purpose – a path of conscious evolution and divinity? The choice is yours.

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